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About the wolf

Uppdaterat: 6 sep. 2021

Protector and sweet soul

Forever grateful

Freedom is the nature of the wolf

Its primeordial power cannot be quenched

Cannot be tamed

It will move and sound the way it feels like

What comes naturally

As in all living things, there is both darkness and light within the wolf

Through the moon the rays of the sun is present even at night

The wolf reflect itself in a blended glittering light

It is sometimes misunderstood

Distrusted and despised

However; the wolf will always speak it's mind, heart and soul

Will never accept gossip, hypocrisy and falsehood

The wolf has a strong principle of justice

It cares for honesty to feel safe

Alhough its independence, the wolf is in great need of intimacy and love

Of community and connection to others

Through the voice

An echo of howling into the night

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